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Market activity 2018-06-12
Robert Kubica endorses Dynamic brand

Robert Kubica, one of the most recognisable Polish athletes, has become the brand ambassador of Dynamic, an energy drink offered by LOTOS service stations since early June. July will see the launch of LOTOS Quazar Dynamic, a new line of fully synthetic, fuel-saving and technologically advanced engine oils, across the LOTOS retail chain.

For LOTOS, service stations are a key sales channel. Our partnership with Robert Kubica will support our marketing efforts to promote non-fuel products across our network of service stations,” says Jarosław Kawula, Vice President of the Grupa LOTOS Management Board, Chief Refining and Marketing Officer.“We are convinced that with Robert Kubica’s endorsement of the brand, we will see growth in sales,” adds Kawula.

In March, Grupa LOTOS became an official partner of Robert Kubica for the 2018 racing season. After many years’ absence, Robert Kubica has returned to the Formula 1 family, this time in a new role – as a reserve and development driver for the Williams Racing team. It is worth noting that Grupa LOTOS was an official partner of Robert Kubica also from 2013 to 2015, when he was competing in the WRC-2 category of the World Rally Championship and in the European Rally Championship. Robert Kubica and Maciej Baran were the first Polish team to become world champions in WRC-2.

The cooperation between the LOTOS brand and Poland’s fastest racing driver is a well-thought-through investment made on the basis of sponsorship research and taking into account the popularity of Robert Kubica as a motorsport driver both in Poland and the world. The agreement provides for use of Kubica’s image and his participation in marketing campaigns promoting LOTOS products and the LOTOS brand.

We are glad to have had an opportunity to do a photo and video shoot with Robert during his recent short stay in Poland, and we are happy with the results. Robert, as always, rose to the acting challenge he was faced with,” says Paweł Senator, Head of Marketing at Grupa LOTOS S.A. “You will soon be able to enjoy his performance as part of our Dynamic promotional campaign,” adds Senator.

New ambassador, new flavours

Since early June, LOTOS service stations have been offering three flavours of the Dynamic energy drink: Classic, with enhanced taste and a revamped black can with a red tab, Mojito, a new flavour sold in a silver can with a green tab, and SugarFree, another new flavour contained in a golden can with a black tab.

“Racing and car testing require enormous concentration and great mental and physical stamina. As energy drinks are my preferred choice over coffee, the partnership with the Dynamic brand is natural to me as a pro racing driver,” reveals Robert Kubica.

Revamping the can design and launching new flavours were based on a series of market studies and consumer surveys. LOTOS expanded its Dynamic energy drink line also in response to the dynamically growing energy drink market. The Dynamic drinks match customer expectations perfectly.

“LOTOS is continuing its efforts to expand the Dynamic portfolio to include new foods and beverages. Robert Kubica’s endorsement of the Dynamic energy drinks is a trademark of their top quality and assures consumers that they will get the energy they need to drive safely,” says Adam Pawłowicz, Vice President of the Management Board of LOTOS Paliwa.

The image of Robert Kubica has replaced the black panther silhouette which marked the packaging of Dynamic energy drink for the previous ten years.

Engine power does not come from nowhere

In July, a new LOTOS Quazar Dynamic engine oil (characteristics: 508/509 SAE 0W-20) will be launched on the market, which is dedicated to protection of state-of-the-art car engines manufactured, or soon to be manufactured, by the VW Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat).

With the development of new technologies, car engines become more and more powerful, enabling more dynamic and comfortable driving. At the same time, they need to withstand higher loads. Today’s engines need dedicated oils able to meet raised performance requirements. The LOTOS Quazar Dynamic oils, whose top quality has been tested by professionals, ensure protection of all of an engine’s moving parts, regardless of the operating conditions or driving style, as well as help reduce fuel consumption and bring out maximum power.

“LOTOS Oil’s team of international experts has created a line of next-generation premium synthetic oils. To paraphrase the advertising slogan of LOTOS, you can safely say that ‘engine power does not come from nowhere!” notes Jakub Jarosz , Vice President of the LOTOS Oil Management Board, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer.

LOTOS Quazar Dynamic products lead the engine oil market. Their production technology is 100% based on synthetic PAO base stock oils. Dedicated primarily to passenger cars meeting the stringent Euro 6 emission standard, they are highly specialised products, which exceed international trade associations’ and car makers’ engine warranty requirements.

LOTOS is a Polish corporation whose business is of strategic importance to the national and European energy security, as well as to Poland’s economy. It produces natural gas and crude oil in Poland, Norway and Lithuania.  The Company owns a refinery in Gdańsk, one of Europe’s most advanced oil refining plants, where crude is processed mainly into high quality fuels, including the LOTOS Dynamic premium brand.

LOTOS also operates a chain of close to 500 service stations conveniently located at motorways and expressways, in all large cities and many other locations across the country.  LOTOS has nearly a one-third share in the Polish fuel market. It is also Poland’s second-largest rail freight forwarder. LOTOS is a leading manufacturer of road bitumens, aviation fuel, engine oils and lubricants used in road vehicles, aeroplanes, trains, ships, and even military vehicles.

Communications Office, Grupa LOTOS S.A., ul. Elbląska 135, 80-718 Gdańsk, Poland, tel. (+48) 58 308 87 31, (+48) 58 308 83 88, e-mail: media@grupalotos.pl