Declaration on Cooperation with Business Partners

The mission of the LOTOS Group is to pursue innovative and sustainable growth in the areas of:

with a view to promoting steady growth in shareholder value, ensuring customer satisfaction, and continuously enhancing and leveraging our employees' potential, and all that:

We apply the principles of corporate social responsibility in every area of our activities. We are committed to fostering our relations with key stakeholders by:

One objective of our social responsibility strategy is to build lasting customer relationships by focusing on customers' needs and ensuring high product quality and safety. Acting in a transparent and professional manner, we develop and improve our relationships with the market whose key participants are our business partners: Polish and foreign suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, and customers.

In line with LOTOS’ CSR values, in our market relations we are guided by the principles of fair competition, openness to expectations, and recognition of people’s intellectual capital and skills. We predict and consider the consequences of our decisions and perform our obligations responsibly.

We appreciate our business partners who, on their part, respect the values we follow in relations with them. We are convinced that such an approach may bring long-lasting benefits to all the cooperating parties, and help them consolidate market positions, irrespective of the sector in which they operate or the size of their business.

Compliance with the CSR principles along the entire supply chain may be our joint contribution to sustainable development of our companies and the overall business environment.