We own Europe's most technologically advanced refinery. Thanks to modern facilities and advanced technologies implemented as part of the 10+ Programmewe produce top quality products (gasolines: 95, 95 AL, 98, Diesel oils: Eurodiesel, I Z-40, as well as premium products - LOTOS Dynamic 98 and LOTOS Dynamic Diesel).

We supply the oil industry leaders on the Polish market with products of the highest quality. The products meet more than twenty parameters making up fuel quality, including the demanding EU standard according to which sulphur content in gasoline/Diesel oil should not exceed 10ppm (parts per million). The entire production process is subject to ongoing monitoring. Fuel is tested at each phase of the refining process: both all components and the finished product are examined, also after loading into a tank car/tank. LOTOS Dynamicfuels are a result of long-term studies carried out by the laboratories of Grupa LOTOS S.A.'s refinery. They were developed in response to the expectations expressed by customers, who were looking for technologically advanced fuels. Thanks to their unique formula and high quality of production inputs, LOTOS Dynamic advanced fuels markedly enhance dynamism, response times and performance of car engines, helping to achieve full engine power and boosting acceleration.
In three consecutive years (2009, 2010, 2011), LOTOS Dynamic fuels won the Golden Consumer Laurel (1st place in the Customer Laurel programme) in the "Premium Fuel" category.