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General 2019-05-09
Grupa LOTOS announcement

Deliveries of crude oil by sea and the release of mandatory stocks ensure stable supplies of oil to Grupa LOTOS in the upcoming weeks. The Gdańsk refinery operates uninterruptedly at full capacity. At the same time, the Grupa LOTOS representatives, other refineries and PERN (negotiations leader) are working towards solving the issue of contaminated oil, both in the technical and commercial aspects.

As the Druzhba pipeline was closed, Grupa LOTOS decided to import Russian oil by sea via the Primorsk terminal. Thanks to its appropriate production schedule, the Gdańsk refinery continues to operate at full capacity. Our priority has always been to ensure uninterrupted supply of prime quality fuels to our service stations, to best meet customers’ needs.

Moreover, a team of experts has been formed at Grupa LOTOS to consider various solutions in partnership with other companies using the shared transmission infrastructure. Simultaneously, Grupa LOTOS is working to come up with ways to handle the situation in accordance with the provisions of contracts to which it is a party and in compliance with the applicable laws.

Freight transport by sea is a major element of the LOTOS Group logistics chain. The proximity of the Grupa LOTOS refinery to the oil handling terminal allows the company to diversify sources of crude supply and facilitates receipt of oil shipments from the Company’s fields in the Baltic Sea (LOTOS Petrobaltic) and Lithuania (LOTOS Geonafta) as well as from the fields in the North Sea (LOTOS Norge) and from other, more distant sources. As a result, Grupa LOTOS can successfully fend off the effects of the current situation.

External Communication Office, Grupa LOTOS S.A., ul. Elbląska 135, 80-718 Gdańsk, Poland, phone: (+48) 58 308 72 29, (+48) 58 308 70 44, email: media@grupalotos.pl