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Mission of AB LOTOS Geonafta – ensure growth in production of hydrocarbons by using innovative and modern technologies, creating increasingly better value for shareholders, encouraging employee development, and ensuring responsible and friendly business environment and attitude towards nature and society.

Vision of AB LOTOS Geonafta – become a strong, professional and leading company in the field of prospecting and production of hydrocarbons in Lithuania.

Our aims:

  • to ensure sustainable growth of the company results;
  • to be a profitable company and to ensure benefit to the shareholders of the company and to the society;
  • to be one step ahead when meeting partners’ and customers’ needs;
  • to keep in touch with our business partners;
  • to ensure safe and efficient use of natural resources;
  • to be the best employer for our employees, the most wanted employer for the job-seekers and an example of professional activity to other companies.

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Business strategy

  • To invest into oil production and geological research in the held license areas and to carry out exploration in new areas. To use company resources and to attract investment for the exploration of new oil fields in Lithuania and abroad. To expand drilling and other oil production services thus remaining a leader in this kind of activity in the country.
  • To maximize oil recovery in the producing fields.
  • To treasure the professionals that gained skills in the company and that were just recently employed, to increase work efficiency and the added value, to encourage improvement and initiative.
  • To steady update the technical equipment that is exclusive in Lithuania.
  • To always comply with environment protection fundamentals in our activity – to develop an environmentally friendly business.