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  • Staff of the company – competence, experience and responsibility; ability to work in a team; our motto: “Employee – to the company, the company – to the employee”. 
  • Innovations and leadership – we provide career opportunities for the best professionals, for whom job in our company is a possibility to implement their both creative ambitions and gained knowledge, as well as to convert the skills into a vivid result, and who can cope with the challenging tasks. We notice and encourage every improvement and the value created for the company. 
  • Efficiency, partnership, consistency – we are nurturing such relationship with our employees, suppliers, customers, investors and local community. We appreciate honesty, responsibility and respectability.
  • Environment protection and sustainable development – we understand that we live in a sensitive environment, changes of which will have adverse results not only on the nature itself, but also on the people living here. Thus, we meet strict requirements applied for this type of companies in order to develop environmentally friendly business.

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