LOTOS Oil showcased its products at an international automotive fair held from July 4th to July 6th 2019 in Chennai, India. India has joined the group of 68 countries where customers can buy a wide range of high-tech oils manufactured by LOTOS.

Market activity

The Automotive Engineering Show Chennai is one of the largest automotive fairs in India, bringing together automotive companies and technology companies serving the automotive industry as well as parts and accessories and lubricant manufacturers. Chennai (formerly Madras) was not chosen as the host of the fair by accident – the growth of the city is driven by the automotive, computer, medical and financial industries. Chennai accounts for 40% of cars and 45% of car components manufactured in India.

“Participation in this fair is a natural consequence of LOTOS Oil’s large-scale international expansion. This is the perfect place to establish a foothold in India and to network with industry peers,” said Krzysztof Nowicki, President of the LOTOS Oil Management Board. “We believe that numerous meetings held with India’s automotive industry representatives to showcase our broad and professional portfolio of LOTOS products will allow us to expand our presence in this country and make our oils available to Indian customers.

LOTOS (meaning ‘lotus’) is a very popular name in India, associated with the flower that is commonly found in the region, but also deeply embedded in religion, philosophy and tradition as a symbol of excellence and purity. It is therefore only natural that the LOTOS brand is present in India.

India is the world’s 9th largest economy, but the country is aiming higher. India’s economy has been growing rapidly since the 1990s, with its GDP often exceeding 8%. India is also the world’s largest democracy, with a population of 1.35bn potential consumers (the country’s population is soon to outnumber that of China). The automotive industry is among India’s largest ones, and the Indian market is growing at a very fast pace.

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