LOTOS has launched a new image-building campaign, which is a continuation of “The BEST doesn’t come from nowhere” series. From this week on, a 30-second spot being an extension of the outdoor campaign launched in July, will be run on the Internet and television. The campaign is designed to support customer touchpoints – LOTOS service stations and the entire range of fuel and non-fuel products.

Market activity

LOTOS continues to stress that its products are made in one of Europe’s most advanced refineries. The campaign places emphasis on innovation and its prime example – the LOTOS Blue Trail – as well as on the great team composed of innovation-driven, creative and ambitious people with passion for finding new solutions.

 “LOTOS develops hand in hand with the automotive market, which is why we constantly improve the efficiency of our refinery and engage in innovative projects focusing on alternative fuels,” said Jarosław Wittstock, Vice President of the Grupa LOTOS Management Board, Corporate Affairs. “We call our Blue Trail a road to the future. Today, the Blue Trail consists of 12 charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles. We plan to make another 38 such stations available to motorists by the end of the first quarter of 2020. They will not only be located in the northern and central parts of Poland, but many of them will operate along roads in the west and south of the country.

The original slogan “The BEST doesn’t come from nowhere” (communicated since 2017) has been replaced by “The BEST must be perfect in every way”. The creative concept of the spot reflects the multi-faceted nature of the BEST. It shows the BEST from the refinery’s angle and from the perspective of hard work and passion that connects LOTOS employees with Polish athletes. Their attitude in everyday life and during tournaments fits perfectly with the motto of the campaign. The launch of the new spot was preceded by ‘lightning’ ads displayed along the Blue Trail, which runs along the route from Gdańsk to Warsaw.

“We send a message to motorists who use our service stations every day and their families, friends and passengers who travel with them that our range features not only premium-quality fuels, but also a broad selection of other products ,” says Blanka Przybysz-Skrzyniarz, Deputy Marketing Director at Grupa LOTOS. We want to reach people who have chosen or would like to choose innovation and environmentally friendly solutions, that is the community of existing and prospective electric and plug-in hybrid car owners. We have a solution that will allow them to travel outside the city limits.

The campaign is again presented by dr Tomasz Rożek, a physicist, journalist and promoter of science. Other obvious choices to feature in the campaign are prominent athletes and LOTOS brand ambassadors – Kajetan Kajetanowicz, a multiple champion of the Polish and European Rally Championships, and Kuba Błaszczykowski. The leading media used for this year’s “The best must be perfect in every way” campaign to reach our target audience will be the Internet and television, with newspapers and outdoor advertising as the supporting media. The dedicated website www.naj.lotos.pl will also help the campaign gain publicity. 

A special filming and editing technique was used in the spot that allows the viewer to move between scenes in a completely non-standard way, as if there were no transitions and as if the whole spot was filmed in a single shot. Each creative change of the frame highlights the fact that the BEST by LOTOS must be perfect in every way! ‘Unstoppable’ by Ozzie Rodgers was used as the spot’s background music.

The concept of the campaign was developed by the advertising agency Grupa Eskadra. The spot was directed by Kuba Michalczuk, produced by Tank Production, and post-produced by TELEVISOR, with Zenith Polska media house responsible for strategy and media support.

External Communication Office, Grupa LOTOS S.A., ul. Elbląska 135, 80-718 Gdańsk, Poland, phone: (+48) 58 308 72 29, (+48) 58 308 70 44, email: media@grupalotos.pl