On June 18th 2021, LOTOS Petrobaltic and Baltic Trade and Invest (BTI) signed a letter of intent to collaborate on offshore wind farm projects. BTI is a subsidiary of Germany’s RWE Renewables (RWER), the world’s second largest offshore wind farm developer and operator.

Market activity

The areas of collaboration set out in the letter of intent include: geotechnical soil investigation, possibly provision of installation vessels and an inspection vessel during the wind farm construction and operation phase, and subsea inspection and maintenance services. The two companies also want to exchange their experience in offshore wind energy and industry knowledge regarding Poland’s offshore wind market.

Given LOTOS Petrobaltic’s legacy, track record and growth plans and the strategy pursued by RWER and BTI that is geared towards further expanding their offshore wind portfolio, the parties declared their intent to continue collaboration on offshore wind farm projects in Poland and abroad. In December 2020, LOTOS Petrobaltic successfully completed drilling operations at the site of the planned F.E.W. Baltic II wind farm with a capacity of 350 MW, located in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone in the Baltic Sea, west of the Słupsk Bank. A seabed geological survey was contracted by RWER. The survey was preceded by drafting of a geological work plan and its approval by the Environment Minister.

‘LOTOS Petrobaltic aims to fully leverage its potential and experience to deliver new innovative projects and actively participate in the energy transition as a national operator involved in the development, commissioning, operations and maintenance of offshore wind farms in the Polish Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea, but also to provide its services to external customers,’ said Grzegorz Strzelczyk, President of the LOTOS Petrobaltic Management Board. ‘Our company is open to the New Green Deal and seeks to exploit opportunities created by the transformation from a pure-play upstream operator into a company that also has a presence in the green energy market and participates in the offshore wind supply chain,’ added Mr Strzelczyk.

LOTOS Petrobatic has a 30-year proven track record of success in seabed surveys, subsea system and structure inspections, subsea system maintenance, investment and maintenance project management and a complete range of ship operation management, personnel transport, and cargo, fuel and water supply services.

BTI is developing the F.E.W. Baltic II offshore wind farm. Seeking to increase its role in this market segment, BTI focuses on offshore development, including the permitting process for the construction and operation of artificial islands, structures and equipment for offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. The company aims to deploy a solid logistics, organisational and research base in Poland to secure human and material resources specifically designed to participate in the supply chain for innovative and prestigious offshore wind projects.


LOTOS Petrobaltic is the sole Polish company engaged in exploration for and production of crude oil and natural gas on the Polish shelf of the Baltic Sea, also providing a complete range of offshore logistics, marine site survey and fleet management services. LOTOS Petrobaltic has built a 30-year track record of successfully delivering projects in the extremely difficult field of offshore hydrocarbon production, extracting oil and gas from reservoirs lying beneath the sea floor and contributing to enhancing Poland’s energy security.