LOTOS Asfalt is a leading company on the Polish market of bitumen producers and one of the largest manufacturers of this material in Europe. Since its establishment, the operation of LOTOS Asfalt Sp. z o.o. has been closely related to the structures of LOTOS Group, which remains our sole shareholder.
LOTOS Asfalt was established in 2004 and has focused on the production and sale of road bitumen, industrial bitumen, emulsions and other bitumen products. The long-term experience of LOTOS Group, as well as state-of-the-art technology, the high quality of our products and of our customer service are the foundations for implementing the mission of LOTOS Asfalt.

The mission of LOTOS Asfalt is innovative development in the area of the production, trading and distribution of bitumen products of required quality standards, implemented in an environmentally-friendly way, providing complete satisfaction for our customers and the optimum use of our personnel potential.

Production potential

The production segment of LOTOS Asfalt is based in three modern production plants in Gdańsk, Czechowice and Jasło. The company has some of the largest European installations designated for the production of modified and classic bitumen.

The production capacity of the plants owned by LOTOS Asfalt amounts to 1 million tonnes per year, and because of the new investments realized within the development strategy of LOTOS Group, it will increase by 30% in 2010.

The plant in Gdansk produces a wide range of road bitumen that comply with the PN-EN 12591 standard, including: road bitumen of the following types: 35/50, 50/70, 70/100, 100/150 and 160/220, modified bitumen: Modbit 10'40-65, Modbit 25'55-60, Modbit 45'80-55, Modbit 45'80-65, Modbit 65'105-60, Modbit 90'150-45 and Modbit 120'200-40.Products made in Jasło include modern industrial bitumen, bitumen compositions and a whole range of bitumen emulsions of quick, medium and slow decomposition, and superstable. The plant has intensely been developing the technology for producing emulsions for inter-layer solutions (based on harder bitumen). The production lines operating in Jasło can also produce emulsions of customised technical parameters.

Moreover, the plant in Jasło produces special road bitumen, such as bitumen 20/30 and multigrade type bitumen UNIBIT 35/50. The plant in Czechowice produces MODBIT modified bitumen.

Modern equipment

One of the aims of LOTOS Asfalt is to attain the highest level of satisfaction among its Customers and business partners. The Company fulfils this objective by ensuring top quality standards with regards to the company management, production processes and services.