The LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A. company implements the strategic objectives of the LOTOS Capital Group in the area of exploration and production of hydrocarbons, namely to increase production in accordance with the priorities of the Polish energy policy and build a strong international exploration and production sector.

 By increasing oil production from its own resources, LOTOS pursues the program of diversifying oil supply, thus strengthening Poland’s energy security.


LOTOS Petrobaltic licenses for exploration and prospecting of mineral deposits cover 3 areas with a total surface of 3177 sq km. They are in the eastern part of Poland’s marine basin.

The LOTOS Petrobaltic company, its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities also hold four licenses for the extraction of minerals from the B3, B4, B6 and B8 field. Currently the B3 and B8 oilfields are operated and the B4 and B6 gas fields are being prepared for development.

In 2013, LOTOS Petrobaltic signed a cooperation agreement with PGNiG on exploring the Górowo Iławeckie licence area in the north-eastern part of Poland, as well as a contract on joint operation in the Kamień Pomorski licence area in the north-western part of Poland. Both companies adopted a joint exploration program in these areas.

In September 2016, LOTOS Petrobaltic acquired the first land licence for exploration and recognition of crude oil and natural gas in the area Młynary (province. Warmia-Mazury) of approx. 400 sq km.

The LOTOS Petrobaltic capital group also includes: