• ensures high protection of the engine elements at high speed, heavy duty .and high temperature
  • reduces smokiness of the fumes, reduces emission and the operating nuisance for the engine
  • reduces costs – low dosing concentration, operating safety (long operation intervals, less frequent breakdowns, lower service costs)
  • suitable for all operation conditions
  • reduces wear and tear of the engine elements
  • ensures durability and cleanness of the engine elements lubricated with petroil
  • prevents formation of the deposits and carbon carbon formation
  • minimally harmful for the environment (low wear and low gas emission)
  • self-mixing with petrol
Kinematic viscosity at 40ºC (mm2/s, cSt) 25
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -36
Flash point COC, min (ºC) >75
Sulphatet ash content   <0,28