• low exhaust smokiness
  • exhaust emission and strenuousness of engine operation
    reduces costs – low concentration of dosing, safety at work (long work intervals, few stoppages, lower service costs)
  • proper for all working conditions
  • reduces the wear of engine elements at high speed, loads and temperatures, characteristic for sawing machine, mowers and other household equipment,
  • low-smoke, low-ash oil characteristics ensures its durability, cleanness of elements of engines lubricated with blends
  • prevents the formation of sediments and carbon deposits
    minimum harmfulness to the environment (low consumption, fuel emission)
  • self-mixing with petrol
API quality class


Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC 9,9
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -30
Flash point, min (ºC) 100
Sulfated ash content