• LMOA V generacji
  • reduces wear and tear of the engine elements
  • prevents formation of the deposits and carbon carbon formation
  • prevents seizing of the piston rings
  • ensures high dispersing-cleaning potential
  • has a very high viscosity in the SAE 40 class
  • has a high dispersing-naturalizing TBN >13mgKOH/g potential
  • extracts soot and sludge deposits from the lubricated elements
  • has a high resistance to oxidation
  • protects the lubricated surface against wear and tear
  • stabilizes the oil viscosity during operation
  • ensures the optimal viscosity for the heavy-duty engines
  • reduces the amount of the operating refills
  •  meets the requirements concerning emission of the harmful combustion gases
SAE 40
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC (mm2/s, cSt) 16,0
Viscosity index, min 97
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -24
Flash point COC, min (ºC) 266
Base number  (mgKOH/g) 13,9