WTWT-MPS-102 Army Technical Requirements for “high-quality grease for army land engineering” G – 421 NATO code. It is manufactured in “2” consistence class according to NLGI.

  • has perfect anti-corrosive properties, increasing the resistance to oxidation
  • operational long-lasting without any need for periodical grease exchange
  • ensures efficient protection against wear in wide operational temperature range, owing to durable protection layer, formed as a result of high grease adhesion to the base
  • has special anti-corrosive properties, in presence of cold and hot water
  • ensures high mechanical stability, allowing for proper lubrication of elements, which are subject to vibrations
    is characterised by perfect sealing properties, providing protection of the friction pair against dust, dirt and water
    is characterised by wide range of operating temperature -35°C ÷ +160°C, the temperature of +220°C is allowed for a short time
  • owing to the operational properties, it can replace conventional lithium, soda or calcium grease, as well as aluminium and complex calcium grease


Penetration after pressing at the temperature of 25°C (1/10 mm) 265-295
Dropping point, min (°C) ≥230
Corosion on copper (24h, 100°C)


Residence to oxidation pressure dropp (100h, 99°C) (kPa)  
Operational temperature  (°C) -30 Ξ 160