• is characterised by perfect anti-seizing properties
  • has an exceptional resistance to washing out with water
    ensures thermal stability
  • ensures good resistance to pressure
  • resistant to the aggressive chemicals (e.g. organic acids, hydrous acids, alkaline acids and acidic washing and disinfecting agents)
  • resistance to oxidation
  • has a wide range of operating temperature from -40°C to 220°C and even up to 250°C for short period of time
    cannot be mixed with other mineral or synthetic lubricating agents
  • in the application range of temperature the PTFE grease is not toxic. is neutral to plastics and elastomers
  • extends the operational life of the lubricated elements
  • extends the time periods between periodical lubrication, overhaul or inspection, reducing the operational costs
  • reduces the need for a frequent maintenance
  • extends the life time of bearings even for 50%
  • reduces and protects against corrosion, oxidation and seizing
    lubricates/protects elements even when the parts are partly worn

Penetration after pressing at the temperature of 25°C


Dropping point  (°C) ≥250

Lubricating properties, bonding load (daN)

Assessment of the anti- corrosive properities on metals, Cu 100°C, 3h, corrosion degree  ≤1