LOTOS Quazar C4 5W30

Latest generation, synthetic engine oil. The Hi-Tec Protection formula ensures full and continuous protection against wear and tear of all modern engines in which the application of an ACEA C4 motor oil in all exploitation conditions is allowed.

  • Renault engines equipped with particulate filters that require the use of an oil of RN 020 quality level
  • Petrol and Diesel engines
  • Passenger cars and light delivery trucks
  • Designed for prolonged change intervals
  • Reduced SAPS level
  • RN 0720
  • Resistant to high thermal and mechanical loads, including extreme loads
  • Full compatibility with exhaust after-treatment systems (particulate filters) where the use of lowest SAPS oils is required
  • Extends the sustainability and effectiveness of catalytic systems
  • Long-term engine performance including prolonged change intervals
  • Extends engine life
SAE viscosity grade 5W/30
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC 11,6
Viscosity index, min 161
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -33
Base number (mgKOH/g) 7