LOTOS SYNTHETIC PLUS with Thermal Control Formula 5W/40

  • gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and delivery vans (except for the engines equipped with the particulate filters)
  • LPG fueled engines
  • engines with or without turbo-charging
  • engines with or without catalytic converters
  • VW 502.00
  • VW 505.00
  • BMW LL-01
  • GM LL -B- 025
  • MB 229.5
  • optimal engine operating temperature, owing to the updated Thermal Control formula
  • complete protection of the engine during full life time
  • easy starting at low temperatures (down to - 30 0C)
  • extra cleaning performance
  • can be mixed with engine oils of competitors of the corresponding quality and viscosity class
API quality class


SAE viscosity grade 5W/40
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC 13,7
Viscosity index, min 165
Pour point (ºC) -39
HTHS viscosity at 150 (ºC) 3,6
Volatility, NOACK test, max.