Grupa LOTOS operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on the requirements of the following standards oraz:

The certificate was granted following a positive result in an external audit conducted by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification (PCBC).

The first element of the IMS is the Quality Management System. The primary task of this System is to provide the ability to continually deliver products that fulfil the current requirements of customers and stimulate the growth of their satisfaction and loyalty.

The second element involves environmental activity. For Grupa LOTOS , environmental protection is one of the key parts of the development strategy. The technologies that are used today and will be implemented in the future fulfil the top national and international standards in this regard.

Implementing the Environmental Management System is a result of our continuous care for the environment. The primary role of this System is to support activities related to environmental protection and pollution prevention.

The third element of IMS is the Health and Safety Management System, which focuses on the involvement of personnel in creating and operating the whole System. This element requires regular measures to be taken for the improvement of health and safety.

Moreover, in order to stress the importance and weight of values followed at Grupa LOTOS, two documents have been drawn up: the Employee Code of Conduct and the Manager Code of Conduct. The former document presents the rules that should govern relations with customers, commercial partners and among employees, as well as the principles of integrity and professional ethics. The latter Code lists the skills and qualifications required from the managers of Grupa LOTOS.

Due to the growing importance of information and the means of its protection, Grupa LOTOS. continues to implement the Information Safety System based on the ISO 27001:2005 standard. Introducing this System provides reliability, trust, confidence, savings and continuity of operation with the suitable protection of information resources.

Moreover, the Information Safety System enables the integration of the rules of safety management with the existing management systems. This means that the organizational mechanisms of the Information Safety System should provide a continuous increase in its level, i.e. to fulfil the principle of continuous improvement applied in quality management systems.

In order to fulfil the specific requirements set by army clients, in 2007 Grupa LOTOS. commenced additional implementation of the quality management system according to NATO standards. Its aim is to provide the production and supplies of reliable and material-saving products for the military. The requirements of the system are included in AQAP 2110 (Allied Quality Assurance Publication). They are based on the ISO 9001 standard structure and include additional NATO-specific requirements, focusing on quality planning, risk and configuration management, as well as supporting the Government Quality Assurance (GQA) process.

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