Rules of the LOTOS Group's Cooperation with Business Partners

These "Rules of the LOTOS Group's Cooperation with Business Partners" are derived from the rules of cooperation developed together with our business partners, the LOTOS Group's Code of Ethics, and our CSR policies which are a vital element of our strategy. The principles of ethical and responsible business are central to the LOTOS Group's mission and system of values.

I. Principles we follow in all our activities


We firmly believe that business activities should be conducted in compliance with the letter of the law, applicable laws, internal regulations, as well as professional ethics and good practice.

The LOTOS Group - as a member of UN Global Compact, the world's largest organisation promoting CSR standards - pays particular attention to the standards adopted by the international business community and relating to such areas of the social and economic life as:

We expect our business partners to comply with the aforementioned standards in their activities as well.


The LOTOS Group companies' relations with the suppliers of goods and services are very important for the stable growth and long-term success of our organisation on the local, national and international level. Accordingly, we pay close attention to the process of selecting our business partners and put great emphasis on the performance by all the parties of their business obligations.

II. Terms and conditions of cooperation


In the process of selecting our business partners we follow the rules below:


In the process of contract execution, we follow the rule of equal treatment of the parties. Accordingly, each agreement contains appropriate clauses ensuring that the goods or services are delivered or rendered on the terms and conditions previously agreed upon.


The LOTOS Group's employees protect confidential information against unauthorised use or disclosure. Confidential information is one of the most valuable assets of any company. Our and our business partners' intellectual property and confidential information are often a product of many years of work and significant investments. We respect your personal and economic copyrights and industrial property rights and require that you also refrain from using or disclosing our confidential information, except as explicitly specified in the agreements executed by us.


We ensure that all business partners who properly perform their contractual obligations receive payments due to them on a timely basis and on the terms and conditions previously agreed upon. To improve the handling of your invoices at our Company, it is important that you follow the instructions below:

  1. Our internal payment settlement and accounting system requires that the contract/purchase order/work order number (SAP No.) assigned by a LOTOS Group company be given on a bill or invoice. Usually, this number is shown in the upper right corner of the relevant document.
  2. If no contract/purchase order/work order number has been provided to you by our employee, please include the contact details of the 'ordering person' or 'case owner' on the bill or invoice. This will allow us to refer the invoice to the person who ordered given goods or services and accelerate the payment process.
  3. If your accounting system does not allow you to include said information on the invoice, it can be written manually on the printout of the original invoice that will be sent to us.


If our cooperation continues for a longer period of time and invoices are issued regularly, you are advised to consider electronic invoicing. 
If you opt for electronic invoicing, you are kindly requested to conclude an Electronic Invoicing Agreement with the LOTOS Group to comply with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of December 20th 2012 on sending invoices in electronic form, the rules for their storage and the procedure for making them available to tax authorities and fiscal control authorities (Dz.U. of 2012, item 1528).

The Agreement Form is enclosed >> here <<.

Split payment mechanism

Grupa LOTOS S.A. announces that, starting from July 1st 2018, all payments made by the LOTOS Group companies based on purchase invoices will be made under the split payment regime. Read more >>


We consistently strive to improve safety at the LOTOS Group. Our efforts to ensure the highest safety standards apply equally to our employees and the employees of our business partners working at our premises and facilities. 
As the suppliers of goods and providers of services, you are required, upon entering our premises, to continuously monitor and comply with the rules and standards of conduct in force at the LOTOS Group, in particular those relating to safety at work and fire protection. 
To ensure safety to all, our partners who work at the Group's premises are required to comply with our internal regulations.


In order to ensure high quality of contract performance, safety at work and environmental protection, we reserve the right to carry out audits on matters covered by a relevant agreement at your company. The purpose of such audits is to assess whether the requirements stipulated by the contractual documents, other documents that have been provided and need to be complied with, as well as requirements stipulated by the laws, norms and standards applicable to the performance of the agreement have been met.


It is important that we address all your concerns, doubts and questions, as well as suggestions aimed at improving the adopted rules of cooperation. 
To obtain the required information or provide your opinion, please complete the form provided opposite. 
We will review all your feedback.